Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1.1. The User gives the permission for personal data collecting, processing and storage to the limited liability company “Glorus”.

1.2. What kind of data do we collect, process and keep?

For the correct functioning of our internet-store, we save such kind of data, as :

  • User IP-Address;
  • Country;
  • Data about OS and browser.

For the correct delivery functioning, we save next types of registered user’s data:

  • User IP Address;
  • Country;
  • Data about OS and browser;
  • Name and surname;
  • Mobile Phone Number;
  • Postal address;
  • E-mail address.

1.3. All personal data is used by us ONLY for successful realization of delivery to customer .

1.4. To obtain local legislation, all data is contained at the server, which is located in Moscow, Russian Federation.

1.5. User identification technology, based on cookies files usage, is used at our website. Сookies – it is small volume files, which are saved by browser at user`s computer local storage. Computer or device, which is used for access to the site, may save such kind of files, which will be used in future for auto log-in and statistic data collection, which will tell about site visiting frequency. Website’s administration doesn`t save personal data or passwords in cookies files. The User can prohibit saving cookies files at local storage of his computer, which is used for access to the site by adjusting internet-browser. But It is important to log in to account, because all services, which use this technology, may be not available.

1.6. All User’s personal data are not sent to thord persons, excluding cases, which are provided for Russian or local law and only for written request of Court.

1.7. All User’s personal data is deleted automatically after the end of 3 year term.

1.8. The User has the right to delete all saved data about him\herself by sending the request to our e-mail: